Ok so i have purple room now and today i made first sketch right next to window.
There is a castle on a cloud, i like to go there in my sleep….. what? You didn’t see les miserables???!! You should be ashamed of yourself!? :D

**i’m really sorry i’m not posting much, i really have bad days, this Monday doctor gave me antibiotics and i’m coughing so f*ing much :/ anyway :) i’m so glad that i have all of you here

short message

hello everybody

i have bad days these days. i’m so sorry i’m not posting that much….. summer holiday isn’t as it was suppose to be and it’s getting worse i guess…. i’m sorry

i’ll try to make new posts as soon as i can

my camera battery died, sorry about that

so it was my birthday today and one of you tried to guess how old i am

answer is……….

i’m 19, sometimes want to act like 3 years old and i shouldn’t play with this because it’s for kids 5+ only

and biggest reason why you all should love zelfs is their awesome cute butt

have a nice day and thank you all :3