Our lil boy Bali is ill, he vomited so much all night, yesterday we went to vet, he was so weak :( we got medicine for his dehydration, yesterday evening he felt much better :) today we went to vet for checkup. Bali has antibiotics he’s feeling much better now :) :3

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I’m so disappointed. Does anyone remember how Tumblr used to be? It was an escape. An escape from bullies, bitches, stress, hard times, family problems, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends. What the fuck has it become? Just scrolling through my dashboard, I’ve seen at least 3 people being sent abuse and hate. Take a step back and think about who the fuck you are and what the fuck you are doing. That’s not what tumblr’s about. If you are against hate, then reblog this.


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Ok so i have purple room now and today i made first sketch right next to window.
There is a castle on a cloud, i like to go there in my sleep….. what? You didn’t see les miserables???!! You should be ashamed of yourself!? :D

**i’m really sorry i’m not posting much, i really have bad days, this Monday doctor gave me antibiotics and i’m coughing so f*ing much :/ anyway :) i’m so glad that i have all of you here